Bruff Credit Union gives a helping hand to the local community


SINCE 1971, Bruff Credit Union has been at the center of the community, working tirelessly for the good of its members.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of its management, staff, directors and volunteers, the Caisse populaire weathered the recession in a very solid and secure position.

The Credit Union offers a different approach to financial services, ensuring that every member is treated the same and that every member is treated fairly. They always have a staff member to handle a request, never a machine. They offer longer and more convenient hours of operation to accommodate members’ working hours, opening late on Thursdays and Fridays. They do not charge any administration or transaction fees. “With Bruff Credit Union, you are not a customer, you are a member.”

Bruff Credit Union offers a number of services to its members, including savings, loans at competitive rates, school savings coupons, receipt of social assistance benefits, and insurance services. It will soon be introducing payroll deduction. They also offer same day loan approval up to $ 2,000. In 2017, their loan portfolio continued to grow, with members taking loans primarily for cars and home renovations, but also for education, business, vacations and weddings.

Director Gerard Hehir says: “The steady growth of our loan portfolio throughout 2017 shows a safe and robust credit union with strong member confidence. Our members know they can call on us for loans big or small. Our members have also grown aggressively with new members from across our common bond. We are delighted to see that our services are now used by more businesses that are members of our community.

Bruff Credit Union serves the communities of Bruff, Knockainey, Fedamore, Lough Gur, Dromin, Athlacca, Grange, Meanus, Crean, Rathmore and Uregare. “If you, your partner or spouse work or live in these areas, you are eligible to join the Bruff Credit Union. “

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