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VALDOSTA – The Citizens Community Bank has undergone changes over the years, including a name change, depending on the history of the bank.

DK Hollis Sr. is considered a founding member in 1927 of a company known at the time as Citizens Bank, according to staff.

She was chartered from Morven on February 12 and opened on February 21. The head office was moved to Hahira and was named Citizens Bank of Hahira while the Morven branch was the Citizens Bank of Morven, according to the bank’s history.

A merger took place around 1982 that brought together Morven’s location and Hahira’s location to become Citizens Community Bank “to reflect the bank’s growing presence in Lowndes and Brooks counties,” according to its history.

“Citizens Community Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of CCB Bancshares,” the records note.

The bank had more than $ 138 million in assets as of Dec.31, 2019, a jump from its total assets of over $ 41,000 in 1927, said Glenn Copeland, chief executive.

“The asset that sets us apart from other local community banks is the relationships we have had with our clients for five generations,” he said in a statement. “We also have employees and executives whose family members worked with the bank four generations ago. “

Citizens Community Bank is family owned and operated as the wife of DK Hollis Sr., Fredda Robinson Hollis, served on the bank’s board until her death in the 1980s, according to historical records.

DK Hollis Jr. became president and majority owner in 1960 after his father passed away, according to records.

He served 65 years, a period that also consisted of him as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. He died in 2018, according to records.

Now David K. Hollis III is the vice president and sits on the board of directors of Citizens Community Bank and CCB Bancshares, the records note.

DK Hollis Sr.’s granddaughter, Starling Hollis Waldron, is the chair of the board. She is also financial director.

She said the business is “a real family bank that has survived over 90 years and is still going strong.”

The bank currently has two branches in Valdosta, one in Morven and one in Hahira. Its headquarters are in Hahira in the Webb House.

Services offered are face-to-face transactions, same day loan processing, a variety of deposit account openings, and same day debit card printing.

Others include individual pension plans and internal mortgages.

“Over the past few years, we’ve expanded our digital presence with online banking and mobile banking,” said Waldron. “Within these digital channels, we can offer bill payments, mobile deposits, transfers, SMS alerts and more. “

An estimated 40 employees work for Citizens Community Bank, she said. “We value our relationships with our clients and always want to remain available and responsive to the financial needs of our clients,” said Waldron.

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