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SDLP leader Colum Eastwood has called on MPs to agree a new emergency budget to tackle the cost of living crisis as the first task immediately after the election.

MP Foyle said: “Thousands of households and hundreds of thousands of people living in Northern Ireland will again be affected this week as taxes rise, fares rise and the cost of living continues to soar. .

“Hard workers in every household, in every community are seeing the cost of food, fuel and energy skyrocket while wages struggle to keep pace and political leaders do nothing to help them. This can not go on.

“I call on the leaders of every party to agree that the first thing to do immediately after this election will be to present an emergency budget that will respond to the cost of living crisis.

“There must be unanimous agreement between parties, between communities, for MPs to immediately address this emergency.

“The SDLP have released our Cost of Living Action Plan which would release £300m which currently sits in Stormont’s bank accounts with nothing to do.

“We would put this money in the pockets of those affected by this crisis with up to £500 in immediate support for those who need it most, at least £200 for each household and up to £1,200 for a family with two children for free. school catering.

“This emergency is our first, second and third priority.

“It has to be a priority for everyone.”

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