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The Springfield City School District will get the biggest increase – $ 2.5 million for 2021-2022 and another increase of $ 1.26 million for 2022-2023.

Lawmakers say Springfield will get millions more in state money for the next two school years. Springfield school officials said they were “still seeking clarification” on the amounts from the Ohio Department of Education, as they claim that Bill 110, the operating budget of the State 2022 – 2023 which is now law, is a “rewrite of school funding as we know it.”

“The simulations provided make it difficult to determine how Exercise 22 will be calculated. It is just as difficult to reconcile the amount reported as FY21 revenue as it has been adjusted for HB110 rules, ”said Treasurer and CFO Nicole Cottrell. “We are working on a better understanding of the effect this will have on district funding and are seeking clarification from ODE.”

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The state budget gives the rest of the schools small increases over the next two years. The extra money will help local school districts, but for some, state funding is a relatively small factor, with local property taxes being higher.

Schools in the city of Urbana will get an increase of over $ 300,000 over the next two years.

“While we are grateful for any additional funds, the amounts included in the new state budget will not have a significant impact on our total general fund budget of approximately $ 29 million,” said the superintendent. Charles Thiel.

Urbana voters approved a bond issue in 2014 to pay for new buildings, but Thiel said the latest levy raising money for daily operations was passed 13 years ago.

“Our last new operating charge was approved in 2008 and we have continuously sought to balance our expenses since then,” he said.

How the diet works

The Fair School Funding Plan was a three-year, bipartisan effort that calculated the cost of teachers, public transportation, special education, and other school factors to determine a “base cost” for educating students. It also measures both housing wealth and income in each community and uses all of this data to calculate state and local funding shares for each school district.

The plan has garnered much praise for solving one of the state’s most difficult problems in government. Supporters of the plan say public funding for K-12 schools would increase by $ 2 billion over six years if the plan were fully implemented. Some think the cost would be higher.

The $ 675 million student wellness and success funding that was introduced in the last budget cycle has been increased to $ 1.1 billion this cycle.

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As schools strive to develop longer-term plans based on recurring public funding, they also seek to incorporate significant one-time federal funds.

The 12 public school districts in Clark and Champaign counties had at least $ 1 million in COVID relief funds (emergency relief fund for elementary and secondary schools), and the totals are much higher for Springfield , Tecumseh and Urbana.

Urbana has $ 5,768,762 in COVID relief money. Thiel said one of the required expenditures of ESSER funds is to address the loss of student learning due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are adding additional staff, mainly intervention specialists, to provide additional support to our students. In addition, we are implementing instructional technology programs for students to acquire and practice new academic skills, ”he said.

“A portion of ESSER funds will be used, to the extent possible, to cover general fund expenses. Since these are ‘one-time’ funds, we are also looking to make sure that we limit the addition of programs that would require the addition of future spending … Finally, we have some upgrades to the HVAC and heating systems. security of some of our old facilities that will be done using these funds, ”added Thiel.

Government funding K-12

School district Help 2021-22 20-21 change Help 2022-23 Change from 21-22 Federal funds ESSER II, III
Clark County
Clark shawnee $ 5,969,583 $ 256,648 $ 6,000,654 $ 31,071 $ 3,633,075
Greenon $ 5,093,883 $ 167,781 $ 5,156,903 $ 63,019 $ 2,521,572
Northeast $ 12,425,884 $ 112,566 $ 12,439,398 $ 13,514 $ 3,198,060
North West $ 7,469,756 $ 99,754 $ 7,521,573 $ 51,817 $ 2,672,369
South East $ 4,448,718 $ 229,108 $ 4,718,582 $ 269,865 $ 1,350,149
Springfield $ 70,151,285 $ 2,520,972 $ 71,418,232 $ 1,266,947 $ 44,263,160
Tecumseh $ 20,948,679 $ 219,634 $ 20,973,279 $ 24,600 $ 7,758,395
Champagne County
Graham $ 10,361,632 $ 45,646 $ 10,370,940 $ 9,308 $ 2,755,292
Mechanicsburg $ 5,920,948.00 $ 236,958 $ 6,212,857 $ 291,909 $ 1,078,031
Triad $ 5,469,724 $ 36,875 $ 5,572,418 $ 102,694 $ 1,540,064
Urban $ 10,411,759 $ 117,791 $ 10,625,000 $ 213,241 $ 5,768,762
West Liberty-Salem $ 7,391,231 $ 275,139 $ 7,624,827 $ 233,596 $ 1,225,596
STATE TOTALS $ 166,063,082 $ 4,318,872 $ 168,634,663 $ 2,571,581 $ 77,764,525

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