And some more relaxed restrictions in Victoria: the outdoor stadiums can, from 11:59 pm Thursday evening, operate up to 50% of the capacity of their site, with a maximum of 25,000 people.

“This means that the A-League Grand Final can be up to 15,000 people and the MCG can seat 25,000,” Acting Prime Minister James Merlino said in this morning’s update.

The covered stadiums can operate at 50% of their capacity, ie up to 5,000 people. Community sports and physical recreation sites will accommodate up to 300 people indoors and up to 1,000 people outdoors.

The MCG can accommodate 25,000 people under the new rules.Credit:Getty

The acting prime minister said the requirement to get tested for COVID-19 before visiting alpine resorts would move to a recommendation for people in the Melbourne metropolis.

Victoria’s indoor entertainment venues will be able to operate at 75% capacity or accommodate up to 300 people per indoor space. Outdoor venues with fixed seats will also be able to operate at 75% of their capacity and accommodate up to 1,000 people per space.

Indoor entertainment venues in Melbourne can accommodate up to 300 people in one space, as long as you follow the one person per four square meters rule. Outdoor venues without seats must also follow this rule, but they can accommodate a maximum of 1,000 people.

(That’s good news for half of those with Harry Potter tickets for next week: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will reopen on Saturday June 26 at 50% capacity, working towards 100% from July 1. , say the producers.)

Arcades, escape rooms and bingo centers can open up to 300 people in Melbourne, while there is no capacity limit for those in the Victoria area if density quotas are met . Indoor amusement parks can accommodate 300 people indoors or 1,000 people outdoors, and casinos can also accommodate up to 300 people in metropolitan Melbourne.

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