TOPEKA (KSNT) – Tenants in the capital are finding it difficult to find new accommodation. Experts say a nationwide shortage in the housing market is spilling over into the rental market.

Balanced property management told KSNT News he started to see a change in early spring. President Grace Brown-Mitchell said many people who can’t find a home to buy are now trying to rent.

“This has led to a greater number of applicants in the rental market,” said Brown-Mitchell. “Either because someone sold their house and couldn’t find one to buy right away, or because someone outbid the potential for a new home.”

Brown-Mitchell said an average home is rented in a week, with some homes being taken off the market the same day. Plus, each home has multiple tenants applying, further reducing the chances of getting the home.

Valencia Cook has been looking for accommodation in the Topeka area for two years. She is currently renting a house in the Oakland neighborhood.

“I even looked at Perry,” Cook said. “I searched online. I asked some friends. I asked on Facebook.

Cook said she had been unlucky so far. Her four children currently share two bedrooms and she sleeps in the living room.

“If I find a place that I can afford, it’s in a bad neighborhood,” Cook said. “It’s just very difficult.”

Along with the shortage of goods, the price is also a factor. According to the rental search site Zumper, the median price of two, three and four bedroom rentals in Topeka has increased two to eight percent over the past year.

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