Spring statement ‘tinkering around the edges’ on cost of living crisis, ministers urged to join Unite’s ‘looting commission’ targeting corporate profiteers


The declaration of spring ‘tinker around the edges’ of the cost of living crisis, leaving working families overwhelmed by soaring prices, Britain’s main trade union Unite said today (Wednesday March 23).

Profiteers who have made billions from the pandemic and soaring energy costs must be forced to give back to the workers and public on whose backs their money was made.

With the real rate of inflation (RPI) now at 8.2%, the highest in 30 years, Unite is implementing a profit commission, announced today by union leader Sharon Graham.

the ‘looting commission’ will target companies that have taken advantage of Covid-19 and soaring energy costs to make obscene profits for the public and government and attack workers’ jobs, wages and conditions. Unite invites the government to join the commission.

Unite General Secretary Sharon Graham said: “With inflation at a 30-year high, Rishi Sunak’s spring statement only tinkers around the edges of this shocking cost of living crisis.

“Workers will still face sleepless nights wondering how to make ends meet, overwhelmed by soaring prices.

“His spring statement does nothing to tackle the corporate elite, the billionaires who hide their loot but fire UK workers over Zoom. Once again, ordinary workers bear the heaviest burden while the super-rich get away with it.

“That’s why I’m calling on the government to join Unite in our new workers’ commission on profit, because it’s not just the big six energy companies that have made money from this crisis.

“What about those providers who have made packages charging our NHS exorbitant prices during the pandemic? What about Amazon and the money it made from the lockdown. What about DP World, which made over a billion dollars in profits, then sacked P&O 800 workers on site?

“Our commission will bring together experts and workers to find out exactly where the money went, who benefited while otherss have suffered and who should really pay the price for this pandemic. One thing is clear, workers are paying for bad decisions made by powerful people. Unions must now step up and take back the reins. The renaissance of the trade union movement must now begin.


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