Top 5 Money-Making Apps in 2022


Running out of money is not the end of the world. Nowadays, all you need is a smartphone in your pocket and access to the internet to earn money. And you don’t have to become a top blogger for that. Money-making apps can be a great way to improve your financial situation or save up for a big purchase. With most of the apps listed below, you can start earning anytime, but withdrawing a decent amount can take a while. So what should you do to solve your financial problems?

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The apps listed below will allow you to pay off your debts and start earning money for your needs.

Survey Addict

This service rewards people who help companies shape their products and services. In other words, you can take surveys in the app and get paid for them. To start, you can earn anywhere from $2.00 per hour to $5.00 per hour. The principle is simple: the more surveys you complete, the more money you earn. Note that you must have at least $10 (1,000 points) in your account to request a withdrawal.


The platform connects people willing to perform different tasks with people willing to pay to complete them. Projects range from something as small as hanging a picture to much larger projects like landscaping. Some people may even pay you to wait in line for them.

If we talk about the average rate, it varies enormously. If you want to receive tasks, you will need to research the rates offered by others. If you’re charging $100 an hour for work your competitors are doing for $50 and you have no reviews, you’re unlikely to receive orders. Typically, you can get around $18 to $28 an hour for assembling furniture, starting at $40 an hour for helping people move around, and starting at $20 an hour for making tail.


A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. But do you know that photos from your phone gallery are worth real money? By uploading your photos to Foap, you can earn money if someone decides to buy them. This app accepts all users, from amateurs to professional photographers, unlike regular photo stocks. There is no need to upload photos of exceptional quality – food or travel pictures taken with a smartphone are enough.

You can also earn money by completing different missions that big brands usually set up. They write down what they are looking for and how much they will pay. Some offer up to $500 for a winning photo or video.

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Swag Bucks

You can earn SB (Swagbucks) by completing online surveys, watching videos, and playing games. Most of the tasks are fairly simple, but not all of them will bring you the same amount of SB. For example, surveys will help you earn 40 to 200 SB (100 SB = $1).

Only users who meet specific requirements gain access to the highest paying jobs. Keep in mind that Swagbucks also offers rewards for referrals. If you know someone who wants to make money with apps, send them your unique referral link.


This application allows you to sell books quickly. Simply type in the book’s ISBN or scan its barcode, and the system will tell you who can buy it and at what price. One of the best things about this app is how easy it is to use. For example, you don’t need to add a book description, as is required on many other such websites. If you have a personal library with many books that you want to sell, you can earn a lot of money with Bookscouter.


Earn money with an app doesn’t always mean you’re going to lay on the couch and do something incredibly easy on your phone. Sometimes you have to take pictures, send the books you’ve sold, or stand in line instead of someone to get paid. Finally, we suggest that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, use multiple apps simultaneously until you find the one that brings you the most.

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